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Ensure Quality

I define quality as highlighting the value of a project to create a shared vision of the final product, igniting the team’s engagement in a quality product, and fostering a keen eye for detail. Asking more in-depth questions and exploring different perspectives focuses the project on key outcomes. 

Be Communicative and Responsive

Clear, timely, and frequent communication and feedback is key to the success of any project.  This communication includes clear project scoping at the start, detailed notes on each team member’s tasks throughout the project, clear deadlines, and transparent outcomes. 

Embrace Challenge

Projects often face challenges (both internally and externally). It is important to be flexible and adapt. Part of embracing challenges includes the ability to innovate new ways of doing things, create something new, and grow in ways we didn’t think possible before. 

Build a Community

To work together as a high-functioning team, we need to get to know one another, support and empower each other, and help to grow one another’s skills. It is important for me to get to know team members, how they work, and how I can support their growth.


HyFlex Course Design and Teaching Strategies Pressbook

This interactive, open-access e-textbook includes 4 modules to guide educators in the design and delivery of HyFlex courses. This resource was created with funding from eCampus Ontario’s VLS project initiative. For this project, I supported the planning of the content and co-wrote modules 1 and 3.

Course Development Process Using Sprints + Templates

After seeing the many challenges faced by course developers when engaging in course development without much support, my colleague, Sarah Wendorf, and I created a course development process that includes onboarding, sprints (short, focused collaborative work meetings), and a series of templates and resources. 

Personal Care Assistant Microcredential

This interactive, open-access e-textbook was created for the Personal Care Assistant microcredential. It includes six chapters – one for each course in the microcredential. For this project, I led the course development process for all courses. 

Student Created Course Textbook

The Communication Skills for Justice Students course I started teaching in 2019 required students to purchase a $90 textbook. When I looked through the textbook, it was all communication skills content that could easily be found online. I pitched the idea of creating an open-source textbook that would allow my current students to learn the content as they wrote this textbook, which would then be used as the textbook for subsequent courses after it was published online. See my detailed assignment plan for more information.